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In addition to the products in our store,
we also offer the following services:

Use DungeonPrint Studio?
Upload your layout for printing!

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to design your dungeon layout in 3D.



Fast and affordable 3D Printed terrain & minis.

Digital models for everything in our catalog can be found at their respective websites.


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"Fast service, high-quality work with attention to detail. Makes sure you are satisfied with the final product. This is how you do customer service." -- Joseph Stash III


News & Updates
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Birthday Coupons

In honor of Chris's Birthday, we've updated the Account Information page to include birthdays, and if you give us yours (at sign up, or later) we'll send you a Birthday Coupon as a thank you.

Coupons will go out a couple days before the beginning of your birthday month, and be good for the entire month.

Coupons will change periodically, so chances are it won't be the same from year to year, but that's cool because EVERYONE LIKES SURPRISES on their birthday, Right??

Additional 3D Views

We have added 3D model support for Ultimate Dungeons Expansion set 5, 6, & 7. Additional sets will be added as time permits. (This is a fairly manual process.)